Free Riot Points and IP

Free riot points
Free Riot Points Guide

Hundreds of players search everyday for methods to get free riot points, nothing that surprises since League of Legends the most played online game on the world. On this blog will be showed a step by step guide tested by hundreds of people on how to get free riot points that actually works. After the hacking process the account created with the hacked link will be credited between 100.000 and 200.000 RP and the same amount of IP, that's more than enough to buy all paid content!

How to Get Free Riot Points and IP (Guide)

Step 1: Create a new League of Legends account with this link:
This is a special link, the system thinks you are a Riot employee! It's for this reason the hack work so well.

Step 2: Play up to level 10
IMPORTANT: When you reach level 3 you should get a small amount of Free Riot Points.

Step 3: Use the RP you earned on level 3 to buy EXP boosts in the shop. Buy between 2 and 4 EXP boosts to get faster to level 10.

Step 4: When you reach level 10 log out and restart the game.
(This last step MUST be done, otherwise the hack won't work.)
After the re-log the Free riot points and IP will shown up like in the video.

Benefits from Free Riot Points and IP

League of Legends is gaining popularity everyday and through the use of Riot Points you can buy characters, experience and influence point boosts as well skins and extra rune pages, all possible with the free riot points guide available on this page. Lastly you'll be able to change your summoner name as many times as you want or buy the newest ward skins.

What's Riot Points/IP and Why Get them for Free?

Free Riot Points
permit you to get the most out of League of Legends and generally require the use of PayPal or prepaid cards, this page lists several sites where you can earn these cards for yourself by completing simple tasks. The amount of IP gained rely on the outcome of the game, the game type and the extent of the match. Influence Points, or IP, are earned at the conclusion of each game a player finishes. Influence points can be used to permanently unlock champions, runes or additional runebook pages in the Riot Store. Learn on this blog how to get free riot points, follow the guide above.

F.A.Q ->
This works on all League of Legends servers? It works on all servers excluding the korean server.
How can I level up to 10 faster? You can buy XP boosts and it is recommended to lv up and get to lv 10 faster.
Buying champions pre-level 10 will affect the hack? You can buy any champion,buying them won't affect the hack.
Can I change my account info or reinstall the game? Repairing and reinstalling the game won't affect it.Resetting your password and changing your e-mail also won't affect it.
Can't I get the hack working on an existing account? No. You need to make a new account using the link in the description, or as many you want for the hack to work.
Will the account get banned for using this hack? You will not get banned and won't get a warning of any kind because this method it's been in use for over 2 years without fix and we never found ban reports for this anywhere and neither been contacted about this.